Rural Practice Change

Rural Practice Change provides insights and lessons from research into adoption of new practices by farmers and other rural landholders. It includes freely available materials for professional development and information about events and publications involving a national team of Australian experts working in this field.

This site includes information about:

  • Review Paper, 2006: A major review paper was published on adoption of conservation practices by rural landholders. This paper was the impetus to establish this multi-disciplinary, multi-state alliance.

  • Melbourne Symposium 14th November, 2008: A set of video recordings of all presentations made at the Melbourne Symposium held at the University of Melbourne.

  • Perth Symposium 8th July, 2009: A second Symposium on rural practice change was held at the University of Western Australia. 

  • Book, 2011: A book called Changing Land Management: Adoption of New Practices by Rural Landholders was published on 1 March 2011.

  • ADOPT, 2011-present: A tool for exploring and predicting the level and speed of adoption of new agricultural practices. The tool is available for free and has been downloaded by over 1000 users. 

  • Contact information for the core team of researchers behind this initiative.

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